Merkel cell carcinoma of the skin v metastatic small cell carcinoma of the lung

Use TTF-1, CK20 and neurofilament in combination:



Merkel cell carcinoma of skin

Small cell carcinoma of lung

Atypical basal cell carcinoma



 0/212, 0/183 ,0/234 ,0/115, 0/136, 0/2110, 0/2211, 1/3012

35/362, 27/283, 43/524, 10/105, 11/136, 28/3310, 9/911, 43/5912


CK 20

33/341, 16/212, 16/183, 23/234, 10/115, 13/136, 95%10, 19/2211

1/371, 1/362, 1/283, 0/524, 0/105 ,1/136, 33%10, 0/911




12/136, 25/407, 17/258, 9/99

0/136, 0/227, negative7, 0/289








0/3012 49/5912  


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