TTF-1 in extra-pulmonary adenocarcinoma (excluding thyroid neoplasms)

Note that the data listed in this table is, where stated, for clone 8G7G3/1 or for polyclonal antibody.  For the lower specificity of clone SPT24, see TTF-1 monoclonal comparison.


4/551 (0/965, 0/1815, 0/519, 0/723, 0/534, 0/106, 0/137, 0/89, 0/511, 0/28, 0/2535, 0/1139, 0/643, 0/644, 0/610, 0/1245, 0/446, 0/2447, 0/1248, 0/1149, 0/1249, 0/3550, 0/552, 0/3053, 4/556, 0/1757, 0/11558), 13/54661, 0/3062, 0/1462  

Salivary gland


Gastrointestinal tract

0/1245, 0/1647, 0/1448, 0/649


0/315, 0/2150


3/188 (1/661, 0/315, 0/519, 0/2431, 0/2, 0/9, 1/2339, 0/1149, 1/3450, 0/1152)


4/476 ( 0/181, 0/212, 0/304 , 0/206, 0/26, 0/3, 0/8, 0/6, 0/5, 0/26, 0/519, 0/123, 0/3531, 0/1634, 0/10, 0/2539, 0/5040, 0/144, 0/249, 0/4750, 0/252, 0/557 , 4/1459, 0/10059)


0/226, 0/2, 0/46, 0/149, 0/650, 0/152


 0/115, 0/1039, 0/1, 0/1050

Ampulla of Vater



0/108 (0/215, 0/731, 0/1539, 1/5350, 0/3157)

Genitourinary tract



0/86 (0/185, 0/1423, 0/934, 0/77, 0/81, 0/28, 0/1035, 0/144, 0/2, 0/1550, 0/11857)




29/556 (0/305, 1/1615, 0/1531, 15/5333, 0/234, 0/15, 0/4, 0/30, 2/16636, 9/3442, 2/13842, 0/1245, 0/146, 0/49, 0/2850, 0/652) 1/155


7/97 (1/81, 0/415, 0/2531, 0/334, 0/16, 0/6, 6/3237, 3/1337, 0/1, 0/1050), 154, 1/6760

Cervix uteri

1/2837, 0/4460

Peritoneal serous carcinoma



0/56 (0/195, 0/215, 0/9, 0/1, 0/10, 0/1539, 2/2941, 0/44, 0/146, 2/1850, 151)

paranasal sinus



18/534 (2/2865, 1/4915, 0/1519, 0/2523, 0/10631, 15/5333)

15†using cell blocks from FNAs

I have seen one focally positive colorectal metastasis to lung (unpublished case).


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