Thymic carcinomas, type C thymomas, category II thymic tumours


Thymic tumours with definite atypia. Features are not specifically organotypic to the thymus. The diagnosis therefore requires the main mass to be located in the anterior mediastinum and a lack of a possible primary tumour elsewhere3. Immature T-lymphocytes are absent. Any T lymphocytes are mature and are usually admixed with plasma cells.


Thymic carcinomas account for 18% of primary thymic epithelial neoplasms5 and 6% of primary anterior mediastinal neoplasms6.

Differential diagnosis

Positivity for EMA occurs outside Hassall corpuscles in thymic carcinomas but not in thymomas, and is therefore an indication of frank malignancy.

p53 and bcl-2 immunoreactivity are significantly higher in thymic carcinomas than in thymomas. CD5 is commonly positive in thymic carcinomas but not in thymomas.


Survival is poor: 57%, 40%, 28-48%, 27% and at 1, 3, 5 and 10 years respectively7. An infiltrating margin and a mitotic count greater than 10/10HPF and lack of a lobular growth pattern correlate highly with poor survival7. Well-differentiated squamous, mucoepidermoid and basaloid carcinomas seem to have a better prognosis than lymphoepithelioma-like, small cell / neuroendocrine, sarcomatoid and clear cell carcinomas7.


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