Lymphomas associated with HIV


The incidence of lymphoma in HIV-positive patients is increased by 60 to 200 times. These are mainly non-Hodgkin lymphoma, predominantly B-cell lymphomas, often of aggressive types; Hodgkin disease is increased eightfold. Lymphoma is the first AIDS-defining illness in 3-5% of patients. Herpes viruses, EBV4 and Kaposi Sarcoma Herpes Virus are thought to be causal5. There is a marked propensity to involve extranodal sites.



See the respective lymphoma types.


may be aberrantly positive in PEL



lost in plasmablastic DLBCL, PEL and plasmablastic lymphoma of oral cavity


may be positive in DLBCL and PEL


may be positive in DLBCL and PEL

CD138 and VS38c

positive in PEL and plasmablastic lymphomas


may be positive in DLBCL and PEL


may be positive in DLBCL and PEL


True T-cell lymphomas express CD2, CD3, CD5, and CD4 or CD8; one or more may be lost.


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