Why do it this way?

Why distribute information on immunohistochemistry this way?

  • Books go rapidly out of date. Electronic information can be frequent updated.

  • The format used here is identical to the Microsoft HTML Help format that all users of Windows are familiar with. It combines all the potential of HTML, as used by all web pages, with very functional contents, index and search facilities.

  • Because all users of Windows are familiar with Help files, there is no learning curve.

  • Information on immunohistochemistry needs to be organised so that it can be accessed either by antibody or by tumour type. Hyperlinks allow the user to move rapidly from one to the other, as well as to lists of differential diagnoses and their differing immunoreactivities.

  • Hyperlinks are good for moving from an overview to increasing detail. For example, a page may give an overview of cytokeratins in carcinomas. The word "breast" may provide a hyperlink to a page dedicated to cytokeratins in breast carcinomas. Within the latter, hyperlinks may give details of cytokeratins in a particular tumour type and within this, popups may comment on individual case reports.